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Donzo WNR 05/20/15

Wind: GON 17:56 NW 20 G 28, 18:56 NW 14 G 21, 18:56  NW 14 G 21, 19:56  NW 8
Baro: 29.88”
Current: 2 hours of ebb remaining at start. Flood North Hill 20:00
Start/Finish: Offshore of “X”
Course: Vixen-Intrepid*2
Race Length:
Crew: Adam, Brian, Dan & RW

With the winds surging into the low 20’s we chose to go with the #3 blade & a reef.  We had a excellent start leading the class off the line, and stayed offshore two thirds of the way to Vixen.  Had we tacked early on to sail closer ashore, the adverse current may have been less, yet the wind also less maybe and more fluky.   The lulls became more frequent the last quarter of the leg.

We rounded Vixen third with a bearaway set, followed by a jibe at first opportunity and maintained third all the way to Intrepid.  Vacillating on which headsail to use for the next upwind leg led to a late spinnaker douse and a bad rounding, allowing Sans Souci to pass.  We stuck with the #3, though at times wished we had the genoa (in retrospect we should have). Conditions would have favored something inbetween, which we don’t have. 
We slowly lost ground to Sans Souci.  Following a jibe set at Vixen, we experienced a few 20+ gusts on the reach back towards Intrepid. 

Approaching Intrepid we rigged the genoa, followed by a good douse & rounding for short beat back to the start/finish.

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2015 Launching

Brian & I floated SeTherin today off the trailer, motored to our slip, raised the mast and accomplished most of the setup.  We then retired to the Seahorse for a well-deserved meal.  This was the first tow of SeTherin by our recently purchased Nissan Murano as the ’95 Ford Explorer has been retired. J

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Back to G'bury for the Winter

SeTherin was lifted off the trailer and on to the stands today.

It has been two weeks since I towed her back from Nonak.   I had done the disassembly & took down the mast on Tuesdayember 23rd, then drove down with the trailer the next day with our long-in-tooth ’95 Ford Explorer.   Just as I was turning on to Marsh Road, a quarter mile from Spicer's, the power steering went kaput.  Upon arriving Spicer’s, there was a large puddle of fluid under the front end.  The hose fitting from the output of the power steering cooler had rusted through.  Brian was just a couple minutes behind me, so with his assistance we disconnected the hoses.  After a short trip to Johnson’s Hardware for a brass butt connector & some fluid, we hooked up the hoses and bi-passed the cooler.  Pulling the boat & the drive home was uneventful.



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Donzo WNR - 09/03/14

Wind: average: W at 6.5, 9 kts avg on the long downwind
Current: ebb 1745 North Hill
Start: West of GLP
Course: s-V-I-f
Race Length: 4 nm
Crew: Adam, Brian & RW

During the pre-start we had the choice to left upwind with less adverse current or to what appeared a better breeze on the right but with a stronger ebb along the shore. 

Still thinking left, we got sandwiched by San Souci to windward and Merganser leeward at the start, so I bailed out and went right for what still looked like better wind along the shore. 

This was true for fifteen minutes or so, as we made trees on those paralleling us offshore.   Then a new wind moved in from the south benefitting the boats offshore big time.   We took a hitch out to the new breeze, yet those that had gone left at the start were now far ahead.

We had a good rounding and set at Vixen, a great downwind making up some of our time, and a near perfect douse and rounding of Intrepid.  But the final beat to the finish in the dying wind and increasing ebb was long.

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Fishers Island - 08/30/14

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Short of Race Point: photo1
Reach to West Harbor: photo2

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